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What are Congenital hand differences?

Congenital hand differences are abnormalities present at birth.  They occur before birth when an embryo is developing the upper extremity.  Congenital hand differences are caused by genetic, environmental, and unknown reasons. A variety of hand conditions may occur.

Congenital Hand Differences Arizona Center for hand to shoulder surgery
Polydactyly Congenital Hand Difference

How are congenital Hand Differences diagnosed?

A hand surgeon and hand therapist should evaluate all babies born with a hand difference.  Some conditions do not need treatment. For others, treatment during the first few years of life allows children to best adapt to their hands. Congenital hand differences treatment may include splinting, hand therapy, or surgery.

what are the treatment options for Congenital Hand Differences?

Surgery can help severe hand differences.  Surgeons are able to separate webbed fingers and remove extra fingers.  The hand and fingers can be surgically reconstructed to improve function and appearance.  There are many methods that may be used, and your hand surgeon will discuss the most appropriate options for your child with you. As this type of surgery is specialized even within the realm of hand surgery, you may be referred to a hand specialist with expertise in congenital hand differences treatment.

What causes Congenital Hand Differences?

Congenital hand differences are abnormalities present at birth.  Congenital hand differences occur when an embryo is developing the upper limb.  Some conditions may develop due to genetic problems and passed from generation to generation.  Other congenital hand differences develop because of environmental factors or for no known reason.

What is the Recovery?

congenital hand differences treatment and recovery from hand surgery may include splinting and hand therapy.  Surgery performed in the first few years of life provides children with the greatest opportunity to adapt to their reconstructed hand.  Hand therapy and possibly additional hand surgery may be necessary as a child grows and develops.

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