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What is Microsurgery?

The intricate network of nerves, tissues, blood vessels and supporting structures that make up the body, must be repaired correctly to prevent complications and help you function at your best. Microsurgery is the term used to describe surgical procedures completed with a surgical microscope to successfully repair blood vessels and nerves as small as one millimeter in diameter. 

At the Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery in Phoenix, our surgeons have many years of experience repairing complex injuries through microsurgery.

When is Microsurgery Used?

While microsurgery is used in a variety of medical specialties, it is especially helpful when managing conditions of the feet and hands. The small vessels and nerves of the hands and feet require proper and precise management and experience, as doctors work through a microscope to avoid damaging the surrounding tissue.

Microsurgery is also utilized when a severed limb or body part needs to be reattached. Known as limb salvage, the thumb and fingers are most common, but larger regions like the arms and legs also benefit as doctors magnify the area and begin to reconnect arteries, veins, and other connective tissue so blood can flow to the body part and keep the limb alive. This technique is also used to reconstruct injuries to bone—such as the jaw—and make sure the new bone is connected to the necessary blood supply for growth.

Can Microsurgery be used for wounds?

Complex wounds and open areas in the skin that are not healing may need a tissue transfer to cover them. In this case, a transfer may involve moving a section of healthy tissue from another part of the body, or obtaining it from a donor, then connecting it to a wound. Working carefully, the new section of tissue is attached to the body’s blood supply and will grow normally to cover the wound.

Medical conditions that require the close-up approach of a skilled microsurgeon need the clinical expertise of physicians at the Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery. When the smallest details matter, call our office in Phoenix at (602) 258-4788, or request an appointment online and our compassionate staff will contact you.

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