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Our medical team is extremely diverse. As a group we focus on upper extremity care. Many folks understand that as- Hand Specialist, Shoulder Specialist, Orthopedic Surgeon. But our unique practice provides a more comprehensive care package than that. We like to also focus on plastic reconstruction, physical therapy, and sports medicine. Taking care of our patients needs whatever they might be. Explore some of our other services like Tarsal Tunnel.  If  you have any questions you can call our clinic or contact us through our live chat feature on the website.


learn about our amazing team of medical professionals. Our team consists of orthopedists, hand specialist, shoulder specialist, and sports medicine doctors. click the link and find the right provider for you.

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Recognize the Symptoms of Trigger Finger

There’s a good chance that work or hobbies contribute to an orthopedic condition called trigger finger. However, it doesn’t favor gun enthusiasts. The “trigger” refers