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What is Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Hand Surgery?

Reconstructive hand surgery is a common procedure needed to relieve pain in the hand, to restore function, or to improve the appearance of the hand after injury, disease or birth deformities. Reconstructive surgery for traumatic cases can involve simple repair of an injured structure to reattachment of the severed limb

When is Reconstructive Hand Surgery needed?

Everyone would like to look and feel their best, but when an injury, birth defect or disease leaves its mark, reconstructive plastic surgery may be needed to help rebuild damaged tissue and the surrounding structures. Reconstructive surgery can not only remove the fear of having complications but can return both form and function to the body, and most importantly provide hope to those who are healing both physically and psychologically.

Are your doctors experts in Reconstructive Surgery?

Since the hand is one of the most common areas to require reconstructive plastic surgery, the Arizona Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery is proud to offer experts who are both board certified and fellowship trained, who can treat and repair these injuries. They will correct functional and cosmetic problems of the hand and fingers, maximizing function and restoring a normal appearance.

Does your practice only treat upper extremity conditions?

Even though we are an upper extremity practice, our team of physicians can treat a variety of scars and wounds over the upper extremities (arms) and body. From trauma and injury to recovery from a disfiguring medical diagnosis or treatment, our team of physicians will approach your needs with respect and professionalism, working together on a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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What Injuries Can Microsurgery Treat?

What is microsurgery? Microsurgery is an advanced and specialized type of surgery that reconnects and repairs the intricate network of blood vessels and nerves —